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Screaming Soportfishing in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca
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The Best Places to Fish in Mexico
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Who we are

Captain and owner Yoni was born and raised in Puerto Escondido on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.
Captain Yoni has been involved with fishing from Playa Angelito for over 14 years, learning and perfecting the skills required to go catch the elusive Marlin, Sailfish, (known locally as Pez vela), Mahi Mahi (known as Dorado) and if lucky the yellow fin Tuna.


Chris Rowland
Chris Rowland
What an amazing, fun & exciting day fishing with Yoni and his crew, 2 good size Sail fish and 3 Mahi Mahi, I think he's telepathic and talks to the fish as we always seem to catch when we are on Screamin Reels.
Pierre Panhard
Pierre Panhard
Incredible experience with Johnny and Gilbert! We caught mahi-mahis, bonitos, a sailfish, and they got a restaurant on the beach to cook it all for us - top notch service and great guys to be around on the boat! We also saw plenty of turtles, dolphins etc. 100% recommend
Thank You for this unforgettable experience! You really know the ocean and the animals, you are very professional. I loved it that you approach all the animals with care and love and take care of the ocean as well, seeing an empty bottle we went after it with the boat to pick it up :) we saw many whales from very close and 3 species of dolphins, the spinning one even gave us a show, plus a Monterrey too! And watched turtles having intercourse in the water also from very close!:)) It was really fascinating! You provided a lot of interesting information during the tour and also always asked us if we enjoy it if we are ok , to make sure you we love everything:) also that when there were three boats already around a whale you asked us to remain patient to look for another one, not to disturb those whales with more boats. Thank you for this great memory! ❤️
Katie Bone
Katie Bone
We had the best day with Jonny and Alex! They are wonderful people, great company, extremely professional, and knowledgable. We had a day we will never forget and would recommend you book! Make sure you pack your bucket hats!
Jeff Clyne
Jeff Clyne
Awesome time, Yoni and Alex were amazing. We caught two sailfish and found a huge pod of dolphins. AMAZING trip!
Adam Martinez
Adam Martinez
This is the best fishing charter in Puerto! Yoni and Elmer were the best. They greeted us at the beach with coffee and banana bread from el cafecito. They explained all the baits and setups and what we were looking for. We caught 6 sailfish in only 3 hours and could’ve had 3 or 4 more but they spit out the hook. At one point 6 sailfish were jumping behind the boat and we had 3 on our lines on at the same time! Our original plan was just to keep the first one and release the rest but the last one we caught swallowed the hook so we had to keep it or it would’ve died anyway. We brought them to a restaurant on playa Angelito where they cleaned the fish and served us a delicious meal. Yoni spread out all the extra meat to the locals on the beach and gave us some too. It was the perfect time thanks to Yoni and Elmer and I plan to return to Puerto Escondido in the future to fish with them again.
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez
Great fishing experience! Cool dudes, very helpful and had a great time. Great local experience and they had me picked up in a taxi and taken back right where I needed too. Will be back!
Anais Nolle
Anais Nolle
Une expérience inoubliable ! Merci à Isjael (pas sûr de l'orthographe...) pour son professionnalisme et sa gentillesse. Nous avons eu la chance de voir des tortues, une raie et plein de dauphins avec lesquels nous avons pu nager. Une approche respectueuse des animaux. Merci pour ce moment 🤍
Greg Phillips
Greg Phillips
If you are looking for a knowledgeable, friendly and fun fishing charter look no further. Yoni and Alex made sure i had a great time on my trip and even showed me some ways to help and be hands on. During our adventure we had 2 times where we had 2 sailfish on at the same time. Watching mahi and sailfish chase the teasers was an awesome sight to see. To add to the experience, you can bring you catch to a restaurant on the beach and enjoy it freshly cooked after, So if you are debating on who to book you your fishing experience in Puerto Escondido look no further. This is the crew right here! Highly recommend and if i come back to Puerto this is who i will be using. Thanks for the amazing experience again

Our Services

Sportfishing Tour

Reserve your boat to take a tour of Manznillo Beach in Puerto Escondido and let’s go fishing.

Venture out on a group expedition or rent a private fishing boat and enjoy the Pacific, while looking for mahi-mahi fish (Dorado), Marlin, Tuna.

Dolphin Watching Tour

Experience an unforgettable trip to see incredible views of marine mammals, a fast and fun trip that passes several dolphin hotspots, including bottlenose, spinner, turtles and an abundance of birds.

Whale Watching Tour

During the months of December – March, it is possible to observe the incredible migration of whales.
Manzanillo and Angelito beach, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

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All caught fish are released unless you want to eat them.
The boat includes a first aid kit and life jackets for each passenger, we also have a radio
We use natural bait.
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